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  1. E3 2012 wrap up

    With the gaming industry currently bloated to bang point with promise and technological revolutions, it was very difficult not to approach E32012 with enormous hope and expectation. Fortunately, I'm the consummate cynic, and was therefore not overly disappointed, despite the very underwhelming presentations this year.

    UBISoft have announced a continuation of their FarCry fable with FarCry 3: Insanity Edition; the trailer for which is less revolutionary for ground-breaking game play ...
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  2. Games are for kids...

    On the surface of it, that comment may seem rather disparaging I suppose. But anyone with kids knows: games are for kids.

    My daughter Jasmine turns 6 on the 24th of this month, and already she is showing me that, despite my extreme pride and elation at basically tearing the code of Portal (original) to pieces when I first played the game, she can grasp the concepts faster. And it's only my years of using a mouse and keyboard in co-ordination that gives me the upper hand to solve the ...
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  3. Supply and Demand

    Hi pax!

    I wanted to give you all a rough idea of where I'm at in terms of time for development of the SoX site.

    Some of you who have known me since my days in TOG know I am somewhat of a workaholic when it comes to graphics and site development. The last 2 years I needed to dramatically step away from that to enjoy the true pleasure of being a parent; Jasmine is now better at Portals than I am. She's 6 in 11 days from today, and can already make it to level 16 unassisted. ...

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