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  1. Supply and Demand

    Hi pax!

    I wanted to give you all a rough idea of where I'm at in terms of time for development of the SoX site.

    Some of you who have known me since my days in TOG know I am somewhat of a workaholic when it comes to graphics and site development. The last 2 years I needed to dramatically step away from that to enjoy the true pleasure of being a parent; Jasmine is now better at Portals than I am. She's 6 in 11 days from today, and can already make it to level 16 unassisted. ...

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  2. Beginnings...

    So it seems there is a new place to call home. My question to others and myself is this.. "What do you expect to find here?"

    I have been to many different places during my gaming addiction. Not all have worked out and in fact most have failed one way or another. Each place I have been has failed or I have failed in them. I have been in charge and played just as a member and they still failed. Do I blame myself or do I blame others or is it simply that I have yet to find ...
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