• Nicholas the Traveler

    Nicholas the Traveler provides Gifts of the Traveler in exchange for various items to those that can find him. His location and requested item changes weekly, which occurs at 15:00 UTC (8:00 AM PDT) on Monday.

    Each account is limited to 5 Gifts of the Traveler per week at each location; this resets every week on Monday, at the same time he moves.

    To find out what Nicholas is collecting this week - please click here to visit the official Wiki

    Nicholas sometimes fails to appear in his expected location:
    • Active quests can alter spawns in the area. To fix this, complete or abandon the local quests before returning. Alternatively, visit the area with a different character without the relevant quests.
    • Some areas have variable spawns (e.g. Pockmark Flats); rezoning a few times will address this.
    • Nicholas does not exchange items for gifts in two situations:
    • If you enter an area before Nick's scheduled move time, but do not reach him until afterward, Nick will not speak to you at all.
    • He attends The Wedding as a guest of Gwen's, but not as a collector.
    • Nicholas has occasionally been found facing a random object, obstructive landscape, or a wall.
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