• Battlefield 4 Beta, First Impressions

    I've been waiting for this ever since it was announced so I've gone and jumped straight into a match up and it felt just like playing any other BF game, not in a bad way more so that if you've played any of the franchise so far you'll feel right at home ( except for a few button/Keybinding changes) Only one map to play at the moment but its a damm good map, alot more places to move around in such as underground passages and elevators to roof tops have added a new element to the gamplay as now you have to cover your arse all the time Graphic's wise I've not seen any huge improvement on its predecessor but this could be down to be having to play the beta on the 360 New gameplay mechanics are interesting! Sniper rifles can now zero the scope( adjusting the crosshairs) for long rang shooting to different ranges upto 1000m YOU CAN ACTUALLY THROW C4 NOW!, thats right no more limp wristed throws, not exactly the hail mary C4 from Bad Company games but a nice balance You can no longer resupply yourself with ammo as the Support class ( not sure if this is a Beta bug or intended) Ive not made much progress into the Battlekits or Squad boosts which both give you buffs to speed/ ammo capacity and so on, the latter being squad based and unlocks dependant on how you do each game You can now use your pistol and knife while swimming and even dive for short amounts of time to avoid detection, THIS IS EPIC, for any of you that have played BF3 like myself, being defensless in the water sucks arse So far the next big thing DICE have been talking about is Leveloution ( stupid name i know) but what it basically boils down to is a interactive points on the map, eg on this map so far there are Bollards that you can rise up out of the road to stop vehicles All classes now have access to a DMR ( Designated Marksman Rifle) as well as Carbine rifles in the loadout screen Engineer Class now has an SMG (Sub Machine Gun) as its primary weapon The Recon class now has C4 explosives Suport class no longer has C4 but instead has a new Airburst grenade launcher for attacking enemies in cover No sign of any water vehicles yet! BOO Nor any sign of the Commander mode which is a shame as DICE have toted that has a major part of the game which is very disapointing as i'd have liked to see how they have balanced it So overall first Impressions are good and i'd reccomed that you give the beta a try for yourselves ! The link below has the respective Beta rollout times for each platform http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3...m-tw-betalive1
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