• EB Games Expo at Olympic Park Sydney

    So I went to Sydney's EB Expo today, all in all it was fun except the long lines. I waited almost 2 hours to play the PS4 and the Xbox One line was to long to even bother waiting in. I was expecting anything less, most of the other lines turned out to be surprisingly quick to get through or had no lines at all. There were a few lines I skipped like the Xbox One line because after waiting in the PS4 line for 2 hours it just was not worth lining up again! For example, Laser Tag! If I waited in it I would have pretty much missed everything else.

    A few of the games I got to try included: Killzone: Shadow Fall, World of Tanks, and FIFA 14. Also weirdly enough they had 4 computers running Counter Strike to simply show off some random headsets and mice.

    Here are some pictures I managed to take on the move!
    Attachment 596 Attachment 595 Attachment 594 Attachment 593 Attachment 592 Attachment 591 Attachment 590 Attachment 599Attachment 598 Attachment 597

    I admit I was expecting it to be a little bigger with more exhibits but in the end I hopfully will be going back next year.
    Anyone else who went, please, do your own review or comment on this one! I would love to hear what you have to say!
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    1. Vtreka Swental's Avatar
      FYI - Next time think about investing in the express gamer pass, it is well worth it to skip many of those queues or at least significantly shorten them
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