• NFi and Ms Pond hit the EB Expo

    This was the 2nd year now that we have attended and what a great time it was. We started off on a high note getting in and trying out the Occulus Rift at the ASUS stand. It was an amazing bit of tech, that is so much potential, and it's not far off I'd say!

    Once Ms Pond had dragged me away from the Element/Asus PCs which are absolute monsters we moved through to our personal favorites Sims 4! For Ms Pond which was actually very well done the character creation is beyond anything that I've tried before with a level of detail that i have not seen. Myself my next stop was Razer which was a bit lacking except for the booth babes which they manage to do well every year!

    We went and played the Xbox One and honestly I was extremely impressed which is amazing because I have very little interest in it. After using it it really changed my mind a very impressive machine and the games are brillant stand outs are froza (of course) and for the older gamers Zoo Tycoon is AMAZING!!!!

    It was around then an old friend and SoX Member Vtreka turned up and we proceeded to check out everything else we could get into and grab anything that was not nailed down.

    If you do manage to get there tomorrow I highly recommend grabbing lunch and heading into the League of Legends pavilion and eating while watching the comp again. I'm not a League of Legends player, but it was amazing to watch and the atmosphere of everyone getting into it is so infectious.

    I would have loved to check out COD: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, or Assassins Creed but with queues well over the 1 and half hours it wasnt an option.

    Honestly, I had a ball and cannot say enough good things about it if you ever get the chance you have to go just a great day.

    Here are the pictures we took! Enjoy!
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