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So it seems there is a new place to call home. My question to others and myself is this.. "What do you expect to find here?"

I have been to many different places during my gaming addiction. Not all have worked out and in fact most have failed one way or another. Each place I have been has failed or I have failed in them. I have been in charge and played just as a member and they still failed. Do I blame myself or do I blame others or is it simply that I have yet to find what I'm looking for? Do I even know what I'm wanting from these on-line communities? Does anyone else know what they are truly looking for?

This place is a new place. Lets think back on what has been before and try to improve what when wrong the in past and see if we can make this one work. Do not blame others for their mistakes as they are still learning as we all are. No one knows what is truly right nor wrong, so we do the best we can. Even I do what I can to the best of my abilities, even if it fails. I learn from it and try to do better the next go around.

Take what you know, try to improve and remember that we all do our best for each other.
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  1. Shrew's Avatar
    “What do you expect to find here?"

    I Having been playing online games since Diablo back 15 or so years ago and over 30 years playing
    Computer games in general
    I have been in many Gaming communities and have posted thousands of times on such.
    What I feel is important is to have a Community of likeminded gamers that enjoy the games that they are playing, gaming is all about having fun, relaxing.
    Having said it should not be about having to worry about what some supervisor says how you should play ,who you should play with or have demands or restrictions how you play your games
    This is not work!! It is for one’s pleasure time.
    Forums need to be a home to post up your thoughts, your Victories, Events and all that is helpful in game
    So we can all learn from each how to play the game better.

    That’s my Thoughts
    Chevalier Shrew
  2. Storm's Avatar
    I like what Shrew says! I'd like to see a place where we can develop a sense of community. I agree that gaing should be a time to release, not work. When it becomes work, it loses it's "fun" aspect. (I know you guys are working hard here on the forums, but that too shall pass).

    Forums should be a place to get information about the guild/alliance. Who is who and who to contact in game for help in certain areas. I use them to keep in touch with what's going on while I'm at work and can't sign on to GW. An information hub. A place to post upcoming events and thoughts etc. I do like some of the forum games and stuff. It keeps people signing in which keeps the information flowing. I was in a guild where no one ever went to the forums. A place to discuss in-game problems or solutions.

    Okay... I've jumped around on this post... hope it's not too confusing!

  3. Ashlann's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Storm
    (I know you guys are working hard here on the forums, but that too shall pass). naive It never, ever stops!
  4. No1Spank's Avatar
    I have only recently started to build websites, I really enjoy it even though I wrecked the first one and the hosting I had was rubbish and wouldn't help me restore the files.

    I re-grouped in November and started again, I have three sites now and my rule is I only do what I feel like doing. Sometimes I have a few days where I don't look at any of them. Other days I'll mess around for ages, it's all about fun.

    If you have the same attitude with this one there's no reason why it should fail, also you can always start the site again in future from scratch and keep the url that will be higher on Google by then.

    It is possible to attach different sites as sub sites with links to the main site as I have done to mine if certain things require different layouts and interfaces.

    My computer site is

    I have a site for each interest, where the original one tried to cram them all into one, but didn't work as well, I learn't a lot from the experience, not least about the importance of decent hosting.

    I like playing Total War games and have the odd go on Crysis and Moto GP 3 from time to time. I prefer to watch people a lot of the time as I hate looking around for things. I'm stuck on Crysis as it goes looking for something.