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Killer Squirrel

Starting to make headway!

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What is really exciting for me is watching this place starting to take shape. When I talked about this to the wife (Sia) I told her it was like the wedding. You plan and work at it for so long and you have so many great people you count on work with. You never feel like it will ever work there are just to many factors and so much to do. Then little by little things get done and it starts to take shape. That is what it seems to feel like here.

The site is really starting to come along. The forums are starting to get active and they are starting to look good. It's a really good feeling as you can imagine. Ashlann has been putting some major hours into the graphic work already and their is more to come. I hope to have some more up soon so we have a really cool looking site.

I have had so much help and advice from so many people and we are all working together to make a great place we can all have fun. It's starting to come together and it really feels good. I feel like we are starting to come out into our own. We have been recruiting some excellent players and people. With the expansion to BF3 I really have high hopes for the expansion of SoX. RogueSlayer has jumped on board to help us with a server that is GREATLY appreciated. RS is an old friend of ours from another gaming community. He brings to the table a community knowledge, leadership, and foresight that can really help to bring SoX to the next level.

I have always felt that that more people we bring in, the more friends we make, the more fun we have. I am always looking for quality people to join SoX and encourage everyone else to do the same. You don't have to be an admin, or leader, or even officer to recruit. Everyone can recruit all you have to do is make sure they post in the Recruitment Office. Someone will come around and take care of the application.

The blogs and articles are set up and we are working to get people into doing those. Anyone can write a blog, I have to say being the second one I have ever written is not that bad, its kind of cool. I really encourage everyone to take a look into it. Tell us what you're doing, it doesn't have to be about video games although that is always encouraged. We will be starting to expand to do articles where we have members and registered users submit articles on things going on in the gaming world. If you are interested in helping out with that send me a PM. I am really hoping that will take off the more articles we have out there the more exciting the site will be I think!

The facebook group is starting to take off and with Khrys pushing that forward I think its going to be pretty cool. If you havent joined the SoX Facebook group, and I know many of you haven't and you def should! Check it out the SoX Facebook group today. It's really a great way to keep up with that is going on outside the forums.

We are always looking for people to participate more and volunteer to do things to help us grow. If you have any ideas what you think could help feel free to send me a PM and let me know. If you think you want to help with something, graphics, articles, blogs, expansion, recruitment, anything. Let us know! We have a great team of admins here, Ashin, Ashlann and I have worked together for years and we are very approachable. When I asked the two of them to help me and they said yes I was ecstatic. The three of us worked together at two other gaming communities and we have three totally different ways of viewing things which is just perfect in my point of view. The knowledge and leadership they bring to SoX is outstanding.

I could really sit here all night and thank everyone who has done such an awesome job helping or contributing in anyway. Believe me you don't go unnoticed and thank you for what you do. No one is more important than anyone else here. Members are just as important as Admins, because in my eyes without members we don't need admins. We are here for the members and here to have fun so thank you for being here and putting your time in here. Everyone keep up the awesome job and lets make SoX into a dream community!


  1. Jina's Avatar
    I am notorious about bugging squirrel about applications
  2. Ashlann's Avatar
    Would be lovely to see more Blogs from you Squirrel, even if they're brief if this one wasn't dated, I'd probably promote it to an article
  3. Killer Squirrel's Avatar
    Maybe I will blog some more! Hmmmm..