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On the way to GWAMM

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So, I've decided to not only get GWAMM, but to write a blog about getting there!
So far, here's what i have:
15 titles:
Canthan Cartographer
Canthan Skill Hunter
Canthan Protector
Canthan Guardian
Canthan Vanquisher
Elonian Skill Hunter
Elonian Protector
Elonian Guardian
Elonian Vanquisher
Slayer of All
Secret Agent
Legendary Delver
Not Too Shabby
Legendary Spearmarshal
Holy Lightbringer

Half way isnt bad. I avoided Tyria for a long time due to how big it is. However, due to a burst of Zaishen quest interest I'm actually doing quite well there with:
21/25 tyrian protector
52/90 tyrian skill hunter <-- pathetic, as I have all the cap sigs I need
14/25 tyrian guardian
29/54 tyrian vanquisher

I'm also at 96% Elonian Cartographer. Which I'm hesitant to try to finish as I dont want to burn out too fast on GWAMM.

These are the titles I'm going to focus on first, since they are free Will have to do alot of farming over christmas for Party, alcohol, and sweets.

Ok all, wish me luck, I'll put up an update next weekend! ~Jina Mahavira~
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  1. PythonArms's Avatar
    I love you. Please finish your GWAMM.
  2. Jina's Avatar
    I have finished Tyrian Protector. 16 down, 14 to go....
  3. PythonArms's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jina
    I have finished Tyrian Protector. 16 down, 14 to go....
    Yes! Congrats! Over half way there! I'm going to have to get a title tonight! I am trying to Hero/Hench my way through all the hard mode Eye of the North dungeons and Missions to fill up my books for rep. I am so close to maxing my first title!