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Kerbal Space Program

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It's an idyllic day off the coast of the sea. The breeze blowing through your hair as you stand up against the fence and stare at the massive rocket in the distance. You shield your eyes from the sun and gaze up towards the top that is glistening in the sun of the afternoon day.
Over the loud speaker you hear, " Three! Two!" the ground starts to shake as the massive engines start releasing fuel and you watch as sparks fly waiting to catch the volatile mixture alight. "One! We have ignition!" The engines light and a blast of flames shoot out from the engines. The stabilizing tower that holds the rocket starts to release it's clamps. "We have liftoff!" Cheers rise from the crowd as the deafening roar drowns the shouts and cheers slightly. You gaze in wonder as the rocket defies gravity and shoots upwards, leaving the ground and reaching towards the heavens. To leave the surface of Kerbin.. that is your dream.

Welcome to Kerbal Space Program (KSP)!
In KSP you are given rocket ship parts and allowed to build a rocket ship to send up to the heavens. You have total control over the design and if it flies or not is all up to your design! Your successes will soar up into the sky leaving a long trail of white exhaust vapor, while the crowds below cheer and remember your genius. Your failures will explode on the launch pad, scattering shrapnel into the crowds and causing terror.

Inside the Vehicle Assembly area you assemble your rocket from an array of parts ranging from different crew modules, fuel tanks, engines, and many more parts. The design of the rocket is only limited by your imagination and the mission you have decided to undertake. Currently in KSP there are no missions yet. There are plans to eventually implement them, but for now the player decides where he will send his brave explorers. Will you send a crew into orbit around Kerbin? Send another crew to the Mun or even as far out to Minimus? Or will your send your crew out into the furthest reaches of space and send them out of Kerbin's orbit and into orbit around the Sun?

With such freedoms the game has very high replay value. You can have limitless number of missions and do whatever you want to do. Launch as many rockets as you want, and even aircraft through the atmosphere. The game caters to your desire to explore and create a personal adventure. It is your decision!

The team of developers continues to work on KSP. Recently they have added the planetary body that is further out than the mun. Also adding the EVA's into space and ability to make rovers, and landing platforms. They are working on docking so that large space stations can be built in orbit of Kerbin. And many more features are yet to come. The team has come a long way and added much talent along the way. Yet unlike some games these days the game remains open to anyone to modify it. The community is very supportive of this game and there are a plethora of addons that enhance the game with more rocket parts, super smart navigation computers, and even weapons!

This is a game that I turn to many nights when I'm bored and don't know what to play. Soon I'm having a great time and setting up satellites around Kerbin and launching deep space probes. When you have a rocket design that you really love, just save it and then use it as work horse of your program. I have two launch rockets for satellites. One handles the small ones the other can launch others into higher orbit. It is just lots of fun and very rewarding to see your creations work.. to see your ideas realized.. and to accomplish goals that you thought may have been out of your reach!

So take a look and support a great game!
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