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Personal: The Snyder Family

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So, a year and a half ago, Paige Snyder, a girl that I was in high school colorguard (a dance team) with, passed away from leukemia. She left behind Bea Snyder (her mother), Bobby Snyde (her father), Brooke Snyder (her sister) and her brother (who's name I can not remember.)

Paige was two years younger than I, and Brooke is my age.

December 5th at 6 P.M. while Brooke was in her room, a man (an ex-business associate of the Snyder family) entered her home, then shot and killed her mother and father after an argument…

Not only did Brooke lose her younger sister last year, just yesterday she lost BOTH of her parents…

It’s extremely saddening, and all I can think about is “What if that happened to me?”

Please keep Brooke, her brother, and the Snyder family in your thoughts. .. I can’t imagine what they’re going through, especially with a big holiday coming up.

I know there isn't anything you can do for Brooke personally, but I feel that any kind of positive thought/energy would do her some good.

Thank you SoX family!
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  1. Leevers's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing Dylan - Our thoughts are with her during this difficult time. Through adversity, man truly knows what he is made of.
  2. Storm's Avatar
    Dylan~ Thanks for sharing. It's sad to think of all the people who won't be celebrating the holidays with their loved ones. My thoughts and prayers are with your friend.
  3. Killer Squirrel's Avatar
    Thanks for the share Dylan!!