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Here's hoping

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Just applied for The Elder Scrolls Online closed beta testing and I'm so hoping that I manage to get in ^^
If not surely at least someone on here can tell me about it and divulge any wonderful game-play that comes from this game.
Well until then I guess its just time to continue leveling my thief to max level in guild wars so I can finally start getting to the real game, that and getting in a few matches from league and Dota :3
I'll catch you all online ^^


  1. Leevers's Avatar
    It seems we'll be having a few SoX members playing Elder Scrolls Online so we'll have a full division up in due course
  2. Sparxus's Avatar
    Totally hoping I get a key to join in on the gaming guild
    If not I'll just have to watch the game-plays
  3. Nitros's Avatar
    Even if some of us get in as much as some of us may like to talk about it SoX encourages all members to follow their NDA's. The game will be out before you know it. I have a feeling it will be a pretty decent MMO.