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Breaking the Shell, a bit of personal history, and a quick thank you

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I have a major problem when it comes to communities, organizations, and just personal interaction. It's quite a common problem, but I feel it hinders me greatly. I find it hard for me to be any sorts of comfortable around people I do not know. It used to be worse in the past, but in recent years it's been fading away, but it still lingers. However, it's kind of weird how it works. Most gamers that have social issues, have trouble with social interactions in real life then they do online. Myself? It's the opposite. I have trouble interacting with people in an online environment such as here at SoX. Typically I need some kind of motivation in order to press forward. With that being said, I'm going going to go into some personal history in my career as a gamer.

Back in September of 2009, I was just getting back into my WoW career after a long break through Burning Crusade and half of WotLK. I was guild less, had barely any friends playing, but yet had an urge to play the game. Spending most of my previous WoW time in PvP and never touched PvE, I decided I wanted to try out PvE and raiding. I hunted for about two weeks for a guild to join before I bumped into Clan of Woe, the WoW guild I am currently in. They were accepting anyone of any skill level and had an active raid team. I took the chance. I started grinding out those heroics for gear so I could attempt to raid. Finally I had a chance when they decided to do Onyxia 25-man and I got an invite for it. My first time in Onyxia, my first time raiding as a warrior, my first time doing anything serious as a warrior. It was terrible. I died to Deep Breath. However, I kept getting invites for both 10-man and 25-man everyweek. They said they were going to get me raid ready via trial of fire (there's a pun somewhere).

Patch 3.3 came out. Icecrown Citadel was our new goal. For some strange reason I was apart of the first raid team to go in. I was still terrible, but I was putting out comparable DPS. I died to stupid stuff all the time which lead to the phrase "Anything can kill me!" However, all the way to this point, 5 weeks after I joined, I was yet to even speak in Vent. During this time was also the same time I was doing my 4 week craziness of learning how to play a warrior. We wiped on Marrowgar for 2 weeks in a row. 3rd week came up, I was yet to speak, and one of the officers was kind of annoyed that I wasn't talking. We made a deal, if we down Marrowgar this week, I have to speak in Vent. The very next attempt, I executed everything perfectly, was 2nd in DPS, and the boss was down. We were victorious. That was when I had to break the shell and speak. From that point forward, I started raiding better, I spoke more in vent, and I become more comfortable around the guild. Before I knew it, I was our best DPS raider, got promoted to an officer position, and was assisting in raid leading (as the raid leader didn't want to stop raid leading :P). This eventually led to us killing Heroic Sindragosa and being the 2nd best 10-man on our realm. Just amazing.

So what does this have to do with me and being in SoX? Well, I use it as a point of reference as to what's up with me. I still have a shell that I have to break before I truly start doing what I do best in games. I have to fight through it, but it's been easier and easier as time goes on. With that, I have to thank pretty much very one in the guild. You guys are amazing. Specifically a few people as well. Nitros for being so gosh darn friendly and assisting me with pretty much everything. Mortian (or something like that, sorry if I misspelled it! -_-) for last night as doing those few rounds of sPvP was the most comfortable I've felt in the guild since I've joined. And obviously Squirrel for inviting me to the guild and getting me involved around here.

I always have this period of time where I doubt the community I join. It happened here, it happened with Clan of Woe, and it even happened with the Halo community that I now administrate. I am proud to say over the last week, that doubt has been broken and I am in fact very happy with coming here.

That's what this blog post is all about, just thanking everyone here. May the experience continue!

See ya on the battlefield!

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  1. Leevers's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing Tirgo and also for the kind words! It's great to have you on board and hope you can stay with us for future games and help us grow
  2. Killer Squirrel's Avatar
    Tirgo we are really lucky to have you! Thanks for coming and giving us a shot. I know you have a lot of experence that you will bring to this place and I am really glad to have you!
  3. NFi's Avatar
    Great blog post tirgo I'm certainly glad ur here and that your fitting in so well! Was really good catching up with you the other day n the chat we had!!