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Big Pimpin

Addressing the Human Side

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As soon as the clock approaches 5 or 6 or 7 (depending on the work demands), my mind is driven to a land of afros, floppy ear yodas, dragons, and fish that grow immeasurably strong at level 80. Before signing in, I am contemplating connections with online friends and honing teamwork/cooperation skills as we work together toward the Jade Maw. It is quite interesting that when anything that I perceive will alter the comfort of my world takes place in this mystical world takes place, I am shaken to the core. How can I play in a land dominated by chaos be so bothered when something shifts? Afterall, I am a rational man (in my deluded state) and can cope with change with the best of them.

In thinking about this I decided to harken back to my 'real world' experience and apply the same insight. Change even in chaos is a challenge. However slight it may be, in my world it is significant and fear pervades. I am a warrior, ranger, even a chick (how brave is that?) in the land of afros! Yet my human side affects sensibilities. In addressing the human side leaders stand up, duties change, and opportunities must be identified. This is the start of foundation for change management.

This is my first blog post as an officer and I look forward to hearing your adventures in my land of afros, floppy ears, and overpowered fish. Looking forward to doing the impossible and hope to see SoX running with masses working in collaboration toward a mutually pleasant gaming experience.
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  1. Leevers's Avatar
    This is a fantastic little blog entry if I don't say so myself. You have great writing skills and if you wanted to write articles for the SoX front page, I'm sure Sia wouldn't hesitate having you onboard.
  2. Killer Squirrel's Avatar
    Awesome blog! Love it!