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Soxual Healing Baby

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SoX minds gathered on the 12th of May bringing together those MOST invested in the future health of our guild. Those in attendance discussed circumventing a potentially destructive path. Clearly in recent months there has been a feeling that SoX was losing its' way, and as a direct result losing its' most valuable asset, members. Participation and morale have been dropping while we plodded along toward a uncertain destination.
Pressing play on the Ipod a song rises from the speakers to my ears. It is the melodic tones of Marvin Gaye, he croons seductively
"And when I get that feeling, I want soxual healing
Soxual healing, oh baby
Makes me feel so fine
Helps to relieve my mind"

We are a healing a guild that has had some recent injuries and repairing relationships with those that have trusted us. To do this, SoX is returning to its' core principles:
1. Leadership
2. Engagement
3. Organization
4. Feedback
5. Fun

Leadership is the first principle in healing SoX relationships. The Guild Wars 2 SoX leadership team has been slashed. We have replaced leadership complacency with one of accountability and purpose. In the coming 10 days, officer duty delegations will commence with performance expectations. These expectations are directly connected with the other core principles. Simply put, if an officer is not actively seeking opportunities to lead in the guild, they will be removed. This is a non-negotiable expectation. Leadership is a privilege and with many believing they are called to be a SoX leader, but few will actually be chosen.

We recognize Guild Wars 2 is a social game and if SoX members are not interacting socially, they represent others. To address the vacant experience so many have complained about, the leadership group has agreed to:
1. Daily guild events/activities
2. Guild Bounties WEEKLY
3. Spontaneous groups in response to player request
4. Promote ACTIVE communication utilizing: Guild Chat & FORUMS
Should a guild officer or leader be unresponsive to a member's request or act in a manner that does not promote player engagement, the leadership group will act swiftly to resolve the matter or replace that person. Being a SoX leader/officer means you engage the members to promote a meaningful gaming experience.

While SoX has always been organized, shifts in the guild have led to many to feel the guild has split and the leadership group has acknowledged a breakdown in communication. What does that mean? We did not explain decisions or outline how negative results would be mitigated. That changes TODAY.
Where is SoX Home?
SoS is the HOME of SoX.
a. Influence
Will only be used on the server in which it is earned.
b. Recruitment
Recruitment is PRIMARILY focused on SoS. There may be some exceptions. There is a staged approach to guild roster review that will commence in the coming 2 months. We are targeting growth for SoX and have plans to ensure there is PLENTY of room to fill our ranks with ACTIVE and REPRESENTING members.
c. Representing
As outlined above, we expect this to ebb and flow, but will work to see members choose us and build a lively community
d. Alliance
In line with representing, we are working with alliance members to coordinate representation and visibility with active (non-bounty) support to SoX
e. PvE
SoS is the home for PvE events/activities/bounties/etc... Should members decide to guest to SoR they may but HOME is SoS!

If it ain't fun, we will fix it!
As Squirrel finishes his painting his vision of the future for SoX, Marvin Gaye's song continues to echo in my ears...
Soxual healing, baby, is good for me
Soxual healing is something that's good for me
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