The Gaming Standard FAQ

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What is the Gaming Standard?

The Gaming Standard is a community of like minded gamers who come together to enjoy playing with one another in a mature and respectful environment. We're not a guild, but instead multiple guilds, squads, and groups that continue to grow and expand as each game is released.

What is the minimum age for full membership in SoX?

The minimum age requirement is eighteen (18). We believe that our rule set for respecting all members as well as following EULA goes hand in hand with maturity of which comes with age.

I've tried to register, but the forums won't let me. What do I do?

We at SoX have incorporated automatic anti-spam features to ensure our members are not inundated with otherwise unrelated rubbish. Unfortunately sometimes these features will pick up e-mail address and certain usernames and flag them as spam related account. We're aware this isn't always the case and should this happen to you, try register with a different username or e-mail address. These can always be changed once registered by contacting a Moderator or Admin.

I have a game I'd like to expand into a division with it's own forum. How do I go about doing this?

As a rule of thumb, we'd like to see a small group of roughly 5-10 players consistently playing and are all passionate for the game and want a place to post their strategies and game information. However, we'll consider creating a division based purely on your passion for the game so long as you're actively recruiting and are seeking to expand the division. If you feel you have a game you'd like to see become a division, post a thread in the Management Desk stating your request and we'll take it into consideration and get back to you shortly.

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