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  1. Breaking the Shell, a bit of personal history, and a quick thank you

    I have a major problem when it comes to communities, organizations, and just personal interaction. It's quite a common problem, but I feel it hinders me greatly. I find it hard for me to be any sorts of comfortable around people I do not know. It used to be worse in the past, but in recent years it's been fading away, but it still lingers. However, it's kind of weird how it works. Most gamers that have social issues, have trouble with social interactions in real life then they do online. Myself? ...
  2. The End-Game Big Picture

    First blog post here on SoX, oh boy.

    Every MMO I've played in my history, I always wind up thinking about the end game content to determine whether or not I'm going to stick the game out. The only MMO that as satisfied me in the end game (before GW2) has been WoW. Honestly when I started playing GW2 back on launch day, I was very unsure of the end game state. Four of my WoW guildmates and I took the plunge into GW2 and played it spottily for about a month. Four of us (one of ...
  3. Here's hoping

    Just applied for The Elder Scrolls Online closed beta testing and I'm so hoping that I manage to get in ^^
    If not surely at least someone on here can tell me about it and divulge any wonderful game-play that comes from this game.
    Well until then I guess its just time to continue leveling my thief to max level in guild wars so I can finally start getting to the real game, that and getting in a few matches from league and Dota :3
    I'll catch you all online ^^
  4. Personal: The Snyder Family

    So, a year and a half ago, Paige Snyder, a girl that I was in high school colorguard (a dance team) with, passed away from leukemia. She left behind Bea Snyder (her mother), Bobby Snyde (her father), Brooke Snyder (her sister) and her brother (who's name I can not remember.)

    Paige was two years younger than I, and Brooke is my age.

    December 5th at 6 P.M. while Brooke was in her room, a man (an ex-business associate of the Snyder family) entered her home, then shot and ...
  5. Kerbal Space Program

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    It's an idyllic day off the coast of the sea. The breeze blowing through your hair as you stand up against the fence and stare at the massive rocket in the distance. You shield your eyes from the sun and gaze up towards the top that is glistening in the sun of the afternoon day.
    Over the loud speaker you hear, " Three! Two!" the ground starts to shake as the massive engines start releasing fuel and you watch as sparks fly waiting to catch
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