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Co-op Board Games

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Recently Iíve completely fallen in love with co-op board games. I think itís an extension of my love of playing co-op video games; Left 4 Dead is high up on my list of coolest games of all time, and while Iím not a huge fan of war video games Iíve always enjoyed the co-op multiplayer levels of Operation Flashpoint.

Thereís something that feels so much more challenging about co-op board games then regular ones. I invariably lose normal player vs. player board games so Iím not sure why those donít feel as challenging but thereís something about co-op that makes it feel much more by the skin of your teeth. Maybe itís because theyíre always designed to have one bad thing happen to the players each turn. Maybe when youíre desperately trying to save yourself and your teammates it feels like more responsibility. Or possible having comrades just makes it feel more interesting, whether you win or lose.

The Lord of the Rings board game has been around for a long time now, but I still find it incredibly challenging and in the new D and D board games there might have been a couple of times where we might have *cough* rerolled a dice or two.

Of course not all the games are completely co-op. Possibly one of the best board games out there at the moment is the Battlestar Galactica Board Game. You know at least one player will turn out to be a cylon stab your crew in the back, but you still all have to work together if you ever hope to reach earth.

Thereís just something about working together on a board game that makes it easier to get into the story and feel like it really is very important that you kill that wraith. And it also feels much harder to go about doing it.
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