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The End-Game Big Picture

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First blog post here on SoX, oh boy.

Every MMO I've played in my history, I always wind up thinking about the end game content to determine whether or not I'm going to stick the game out. The only MMO that as satisfied me in the end game (before GW2) has been WoW. Honestly when I started playing GW2 back on launch day, I was very unsure of the end game state. Four of my WoW guildmates and I took the plunge into GW2 and played it spottily for about a month. Four of us (one of them being me) backed out and continued playing WoW.

Flash forward to December. None of the original five of us are playing GW2. However, I wind up getting bored with WoW and the other games I am playing. I have the thought to play GW2. I jump on at level 18 and just hit it. Within 8 days I had my very level 80 GW2 character. I was excited, however I had to sit down and try to figure out what I was going to do. First thing though, I'm going to need to find a place to settle my character. I was already in a guild formed by my fellow WoW guild mates, but no one was active and all 800 influence the guild had, I made for them. So I went hunting for a guild. Spent the better part of a week hunting down a guild. Until one day I notice Squirrel recruiting in Lion's Arch /m channel. I took the chance and here I am.

Now I may not be a very active member, but I intend to change that. Just takes me some time to get used to new people and faces. It took my WoW guild 4 weeks just to get me to talk in ventrillo. You folks got me talking in TS on the first night. However this all leads to my end game goals and the problems they came with.

First off, I had to kick that WoW mentality out of my head. Where with WoW I know my end goal is to be running the current tier of raiding. GW2 doesn't have that. Nothing says I should be doing this. I was overwhelmed. So I started my research into what I could do at the end game. Well, frankly the list seems short, more so compared to WoW, but yet I am just fine with it.

End Game Goal 1: Be a better player. This is always an end game goal of mine. Learn the game, learn the people and try to be the best I can be. Back in WoW when I was tired of being that #6 DPS in raids, I literally sent the following 4 weeks researching, practicing, and testing until I was happy with my results. Honestly, I was never happen enough. However, after that 4 weeks when I resumed raiding, I was our top DPS player not only in numbers but also in understanding the mechanics of the fight, the players, and everything else. It quickly led to me becoming an officer of the guild and becoming the 2nd raid leader. During this time we were able to push our guild to being the 2nd best 10-man team for raiding on our server. Now it's time to apply that to GW2. I'm gonna charge in, full force, and master this game. No one is gonna stop me on this one.

End Game Goal 2: Twilight. I watched a video of Dontain (if you don't watch him on YouTube already, go do it) getting Twilight and the process he went through. After seeing it I wanted to do it. Not only because it's a cool looking weapon, but it acts as a prestige marker in the game. It shows your experience in the game. Tie that with Goal 1 and you become the very player a lot of people look for. Speaking of prestige and experience....

End Game Goal 3: Commander. Now I am not talking about just getting the title and the shiny blue icon on my name. I am talking about using that title and icon to show people I know what I can do and I can help them. I watch how WvW goes and I want in on it. Well it's fun being part of the zerg team and capping bases or just a small sapper team taking camps, I urge for me. It's been a thing of mine for as long as I have been gaming. Back in my old Halo: Custom Edition clan, I was always the leader for a reason. I led our team to victory and our tag became a feared tag. People would hunt us down just to play us and then lose (most of the time). This extends into my Halo 2/3 career as well. In the Halo community I currently manage, I lead my squad through 4 major conflicts (think of them kind of like tournaments, it's hard to explain in one sentence; perhaps another blog about that later) to victory. My squads became the go to squads to win games. This happened in WoW as I became a raid leader within the first 3 months of joining them, despite having a tightly ingrained structure already. It boils down to one thing at the end of the day. I like to help people, but I like to help a lot of people. In GW2, I feel an effective commander is just as important, if not more, as an effective raid leader in WoW or a squad leader in Halo. You have upwards of 50 people in your hands and you can't mess that up. This is why I am putting this one on hold until I feel Goal 1 has been done enough. I can't be an effective commander if I can't play the game.

End Game Goal 4: Human Cultural Armor. I like the Human heavy cultural armor. I just want it.

So that's it in a nutshell (yes that was a nutshell). I feel these 4 end game goals will actually provide me with more then the current end game of WoW. End of the day, I want to help out people, so I'm gonna try to my best to help others. First, I gotta help myself so I can effectively help others.

See ya on the battlefield.

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  1. Nitros's Avatar
    Welcome to SoX! I come from World of Warcraft myself, and having played from 2005-2010 I was defiantly of that same end game mentality with raiding and grinding out that next tier gear. Guild Wars 2 does have some tier grinding for ascended gear and the grind towards legendaries, but it is a different process compared to the months of raiding in World of Warcraft. It does take some time to figure out what to do at the end game of Guild Wars 2 but it looks like you have the idea. Unlike other games, you can do WHATEVER you want in Guild Wars 2 at the end game. You aren't just stuck with one or two options. You can even go back to areas you may have rushed through to experience more events for the story or to help friends, and still get items and money for it!!
  2. Leevers's Avatar
    Great blog Tirgo!